AMERICA STRONG® is partnering with one of the most recognizable brands in American sports to support and grow approved participating charities while issuing the "AMERICA STRONG® Challenge" to citizens in every corner of our great nation! United, we can forge a sense of community that is stronger than ever through great sporting events and by appealing to our competitive American spirit. Veteran NASCAR Driver J.J. Yeley is issuing a challenge to patriotic Americans of every stripe, color and creed on 29 August 2020 in Daytona at the 'Coke Zero Sugar' 400.  To watch the race live you can view it on NBC Sports or stream it live from the NASCAR page https://www.nascar.com/followlive

Wearing an AMERICA STRONG® Unity Wristband and all of products that UFRB sells shows the world that America pulls together even in tough times! The color yellow represents the rainbow’s brightest color to signify optimism, positivity, honor and remembrance and that's what we're all about!   We’re promoting unity and being a positive force for social connectivity during these difficult times.    Our fellow citizens feel more disconnected than ever before and that’s why we (the AMERICA STRONG® organization) are engaging in nationwide charitable efforts to address that perception head on in the drive to unity!

J.J. and his entire NASCAR team will be sporting the distinctive yellow AMERICA STRONG® wristband emblazoned with the royal blue  hashtag. JJ is asking other drivers and fans to join him in this "drive for unity!" JJ says, "Our fans are some of the most loyal salt of the earth folks you'll find anywhere, and together we can make a great impact on the direction of our country. I hope you'll join us!

Visit https://americastrongusa.com/ to answer the call and find see all that we’re doing and how you can join us in supporting our Heroes.  Any other questions or comments that you might have please write us at info@americastrongusa.com

Find us on our social channels to join the movement and share our message of unity in the run-up to each race day. #AmericaStrongUSA