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FN® NANO Coating protects history

FN® Coating effectively protects stone, concrete, and wood sculptures, monuments and historic buildings against degradation from soot in the air and against mold, algae, mosses, and lichen. The protective layer of FN® Coating does not interfere with the appearance of the statue, it is very permeable to water and its vapors, and if necessary it can be easily and safely removed without damaging the substrate. The protective coating helps the statue retain its original beauty for a long time. FN® Coatings create a protective layer on the surface of plastics, with the photocatalytic effect and other physical properties of the coating layer, effectively prevent soil deposits and attack microorganisms, mosses and lichens. The enormous advantage is that the protective layer not only prevents the deposition of dirt, but also prevents its penetration into the...

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Exterior Walls / Facades

FN® Coating will protect all  Exterior Walls/Facades against the devastating effects of ultraviolet radiation, mold, algae deposits, and stains. FN® Coating effectively increases the resistance of the facades against the spider webs, pigeon excrement, dust and more. It will ensure a long-term preservation of its clean appearance, thereby limiting the erosive effects of repeated mechanical and chemical cleaning. Eliminate Microorganisms When the sun shines on the surface of the facade, it gets very hot.  If the surface gets shade, it quickly cools down.  Surfaces have a lower surface temperature than the surrounding area. As a result, dust particles settle on them and condensate the humidity in the air, and due to this, the surfaces are dulled faster by atmospheric impurities creating a favorable...

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