A Healthier Home

Having clean and healthy air in the home free of viruses, bacteria, molds, toxins, and unpleasant odors is truly possible today.

Install  FN NANO® Photocatalytic System in your home, illuminate with UVA light (sunlight or indoor equivalent)  and make your dwelling cleaner and healthier.  Once the light hits the FN NANO®2 Photocatalytic Film wall or ceiling, it activates and immediately begins cleaning; creating a highly efficient, trouble-free, ecological, noiseless, and economical air purifier in your home.

Odor Free

The vast majority of odors form by molecules of organic matter dispersed in the air. Extremely small amounts of such substances (in the order of thousands of milligrams per 1m3 of air) can cause a strong odor.  When installed  FN NANO® Photocatalytic System on a celling or walls and illuminated by ultraviolet light, effectively decomposes the “smell” molecules predominantly to water molecules (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) that do not smell.  These are extremely small quantities that do not affect the room’s humidity or the amount of carbon dioxide in it.

FN NANO® Photocatalytic System remove odors efficiently.  For example, when install FN NANO® Photocatalytic System on a ceiling of a kitchen , and is illuminated by daylight or UV-A fluorescent lamp, can effectively eliminate the smell of fried food within 20 to 30 minutes.

Similarly, FN® Coatings can also be used to mitigate the smell of cigarette smoke or the odors of household pets.


When daylight or UV-A activates FN NANO®2 Photocatalytic Film touches a molecule, or microscopic particle, the oxidizable allergen reacts instantly with oxygen in the air separating it into molecules of water, carbon dioxide, and other non-threatening elements.  As with odors, these are microscopic quantities that are the source of an allergic reaction.  Most commonly, there are substances that release molds into the air, or are allergenic mites abundant in every household, and of course animal and fur/dander from our favorite pets.  People suffering from allergies among the largest groups that will benefit from  FN® coating’s ability to effectively clean the air and help alleviate their health concerns.

Clean Home – Healthy Family

Cleaning the air of hazardous substances that evaporate into the air from plastics and varnishes and room furnishings.

The photocatalytic surface of the ceiling and possibly the walls created by the application of FN NANO® Photocatalytic System are able to eliminate the foreign substances that can enter the air in the rooms from plastics, furniture, linen, carpets, detergents, and so many more. FN NANO® effectively works on their extremely small concentrations, with which other technical/mechanical means cannot manage.  In modern buildings where the windows are equipped with special filters that do not leak the ultraviolet component of daylight, it is necessary to provide UVA illumination from an artificial source in order for the cleaning function, created by the photocatalytic surface, to take effect. 

Households with the nanotechnology air purifier

Air environment of living rooms and kitchens is greatly enhanced by FN® Coatings

Hygiene without compromise – bathroom with FN® Film & UVA lighting

Kitchen open to the living room with FN® Coatings & UVA lighting 

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