Schools and Universities

MACOMA FN Nano Photocatalytic Air Disinfection/Purification System generates healthy air in schools and nurseries reducing illnesses.

Students are at greater risk because of the hours spent in school facilities and because children are often susceptible to pollutants. The health and comfort of students and teachers are among the many factors that contribute to learning and productivity in the classroom, which in turn affect performance and achievement. MACOMA FN Nano Photocatalytic Air Disinfection System improve the indoor environment and reduce morbidity in pre-school facilities and schools.

Protection against dangerous substances indoors

Protect children and preschool staff from hazardous substances such as cleaning chemicals, fumes from particleboard and plastic materials,  and toxins produced by bacteria housed in air conditioning systems.

MACOMA FN Nano Photocatalytic Air Disinfection System cleans the air of molecules and microscopic particles of hazardous substances which other technology cannot handle.  Ultraviolet light  (UVA) LED -12V-367nm (MA-FN717836-1), which is a natural component of daylight, activates TiO 2 (titanium dioxide) nanoparticles.  Once a molecule, a microscopic dust particle, a virus, a bacterium, a spore, reaches the activated TiO 2 nanoparticles, it catalyzes (induces and accelerates) the reaction of an oxidizable mass with air oxygen.  For example, organic substances decompose primarily becoming water molecules and carbon dioxide.  With the impact of UVA light, the nanoparticles are immediately reactivated and the process can be repeated, practically indefinitely.  In this process photocatalysis also removes very dangerous substances; poisons, allergens, and carcinogens.  

Protection from air pollution and vehicle emissions

Protect children and staff from emissions that penetrate the interiors of buildings from the outside and have a negative impact on their health.

MACOMA FN Nano Photocatalytic Air Disinfection/Purification System effectively degrades the dangerous substances contained in air pollution both in the form of toxic molecules, as well as in relation to fine dust particles (PM1, PM2.5, PM10).  It effectively disposes of benz(a)pyrene, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, and other substances that endanger human health.

Use of Significant reduction in the morbidity of children in schools

The MACOMA FN Nano Photocatalytic Air Disinfection/ Purification System has a number of practical effects that may be utilized in pre-school facilities. Testing and reports from multiple kindergarten classrooms show the use of Installing MACOMA FN Nano Photocatalytic Air Disinfection/ Purification System in areas where children inhabit leads to a reduction in morbidity.

Furthermore, observations in kindergartens over multiple years, show a positive impact on reducing the amount of respiratory disease for children in these classrooms. Children in these classes show an average of 40% less absence due to illness during the “flu” season. 

According to the EPA, one-half of our nation’s 115,000 schools have problems linked to indoor air quality.

The EPA also notes that indoor air quality problems can be prevented and resolved through simple, inexpensive measures and the cost and effort needed to prevent most air quality problems is significantly less than the cost and effort required to resolve problems after they develop.

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