MACOMA Environmental Technologies Introduces Instant Solution to Global Warming

Patented And Made In The USA 🇺🇸        

LAS VEGAS, Nevada November 11, 2019- On October 31, 2019, MACOMA Environmental Technologies, celebrated the dedication of Nevada’s first self-cleaning, air-purifying, cool-roof building; “FN® NANO BUILDING.”

This first “Nanobuilding” dedication follows the dedications of FN® Nanowalls in London and Budapest.

This innovative nanotechnology, now manufactured in Reno, Nevada, was invented in the Czech Republic by Dr. Jan Prochazka. The building dedication was presided by Hynek Kmonicek, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United States.

Vivian Palmer, President of MACOMA, said that the company is committed to improving indoor and outdoor air quality by reducing greenhouse gasses and protecting human health through simple and low-cost, but highly effective, photocatalytic nano-technology.

To demonstrate how cities could instantly and effectively ameliorate the “the heat island effect” reduce greenhouse gases and maintain clean air, indoors and outdoors, MACOMA coated all exterior walls, including the roof, with FN® NANO photocatalytic coating. Sunlight converts the inert coating into a powerful self-cleaning machine that reduces greenhouse gases and eliminates mold, bacteria, and viruses. Furthermore, the coating decreases the heat absorption capacity of the building materials. Consequently, the roof is 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than non-coated roofs. This translated into substantial savings in energy costs.

MACOMA Environmental Technologies is the exclusive USA distributor of FN® NANO coatings (the high quality environmentally safe, titanium dioxide photocatalytic nanotechnology coatings for ceilings, walls, roofs, and building facades). MACOMA is part of a worldwide network of scientists, researchers, and distributors, who are committed to the building of green cities, homes, and farms by promoting and providing education about the benefits of the photocatalytic process to improve indoor/outdoor air quality, reduce greenhouse gases and help mitigate the impact of rising global temperatures.

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